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 I hope you are all well and patiently waiting for the nicer weather.

Cruft's was very good had 2 good days there.

I have a few new products to introduce you to these can be added to a groom.

First is a spa treatment invented in Japan.

Nagayu CO2 bathing system is helping pets with issues like dandruff, dry skin, hotspot, yeast infections, tick and flea bites, odours, itchiness and overall deep cleansing for skin and coat.

The Nagayu tablet generates millions of carbonic acid and hydrogen ions and transforms water in CO2 spa.

These ions enter blood vessels and help them to expand blood flow. Cells absorb more nutrients and oxygen that can help speed up the healing process and boost metabolism.

* This system can help dogs get a silky and healthy coat,

* Nourishes skin and coat and relaxes muscles,

* Rich in natural minerals

* Great for working dogs, elderly pets, dogs with discomfort or as a special treat for any dog who needs some extra



  Only £5 when added to any groom.


A spray treatment that helps freshen breath and help keep dogs gums and teeth smelling sweet.

Only £1.50 when added to any groom.


A lovely pampering treatment that is massaged into pads and the nose to help moisturise and keep pads supple and soft.

only £1.00 when added to any groom.

Also thinking of added a teeth cleaning service which helps improve the appearance of teeth and plaque with regular treatments. Watch this space for more details of when this will be available.

Just a few reminders for you when bringing your pets for grooming,

If you have an appointment with me and you cannot make it, please let me know so that i can offer it to someone else.

At  present I do not take a deposit from new customers, but this may be something i have to start doing.

Dropping off and collecting your dogs - Please be on time to drop off and collect your doggies, due to the way I groom.

If you are running late please let me know.

If you are a regular visitor to Poppys parlour ask about booking a few appointments at a time to reserve a good day and time that suits you, or book for the year to ensure your day.

If you are a new customer, please do not hesitate to contact me to find out about available appointments.

Please don't hesitate to message or call me should you wish to book an appointment or want to ask something.

looking forward to seeing you soon,

Gina x