Poppy's  Parlour Dog Grooming 

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                                          Customer Terms and Conditions     

  • All Cockerpoos and Labradoodles which intend on being groomed  at Poppy’s parlour salon
  •  must come to appointments every 6 weeks. 
  • If the coat is left longer and the above is not followed the dog can be turned away and declined the appointment.
  • This is due to the coat type of the breed. 
  • They do not moult and therefore can result in severe matting, and potential pain caused to the dog.   

  • If any dog has a lot of matting in their coats an additional fee will be                

  added on to the groom price. I will not put dogs through pain or

  discomfort when brushing out matts. If any dog comes to the salon with    

  matting due to no regular brushing the area will be clipped if needed.

  • A fee will be issued if you are late collecting your dog from the agreed 

  time of collection. The fee is £5 per 15 minutes. This is due to how I run 

  appointments in the salon on a one to one basis.

  • A £7.50 fee will be charged to each dog that enters the salon with fleas 

  and parasites, It costs me to deep clean the salon and and kill any 

  fleas/parasites that could be left in the salon, and cancelling other 

  customers grooms after yours. until deep cleaning is carried out.

  • Poppy’s Parlour will treat every dog with love, kindness and respect  in the salon, and will 
  • try to carry out owners grooming instructions. If your dog has a particular dislike to something I am trying to carry out,
  •  I will not persist and cause stress or upset to your dog. I will inform you at collection and try to advise of anything
  •  you can do at home before the dogs next appointment to try and help the dog overcome 
  • any fears and make the grooming experience a happy one.

  • Any customers that cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment  

  or miss their appointment will be charged a £10 fee, this will be 

  payable at the dogs next visit, before the groom takes place.

  • If you are happy with your dogs groom please leave me a review, If 

  however there is something you are not happy with please contact me 

  within 24 hrs of the groom to discuss

  I take photos of your dogs during their groom and may post before and after photos on social media and my website please let me know if you would

  not like the pictures to be displayed